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May 12, 2009 by sixshot
There needs to be a sticky with regards to this.  So hopefully we can get some answers about this upcoming OS called Windows 7.  So here are three general questions regarding this.

Which Stardock software (ie. WindowBlinds, DeskScapes, IconPackager, DesktopX, etc.) can run on Windows 7?

When, if the software is not supported under Windows 7, can we expect basic/preliminary support for this OS for any of the Stardock software?

What, if the software is supported under Windows 7,...
September 30, 2008 by sixshot
Please move the thread if necessary.  I don't know where else to post this issue I'm having, which I hope someone out there knows about it.

I'm using Vista Business x86 w/ SP1.  I don't know when the problem started but I know it was recent.  For some reason, many of the software icons disappeared and won't show up any more.  By disappear I mean they appear like the default icons.  I currently use IconPackager to switch between icon themes.  But even when I tried...
December 11, 2005 by sixshot
Having viewed this piece here, it got me to wondering if this is real: "There's builds of LogonStudio 2 floating around."

As we all know, the last public build of LogonStudio has limits and issues yet to be resolved. It'd be nice to have a LogonStudio 2 be in the works. Is it real? And when can we expect this to be released? And what's Stardock's plans with it?
November 30, 2005 by sixshot
It's a pity that I won't be using this system since I don't use JoeUser as my primary blogging site. Instead, I use a different one located here for all my entries. It's more flexible and I like the system more. Either way, please go to there instead of here since I won't be using JoeUser as a blog site.